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Product Description
All wall tiles come with an adhesive backed hook & loop system that allows for the repositioning of
your Sculpted Wall Tiles after installation. This is a strong, damage free system for hanging your
panels while allowing for their removal without leaving a residue on your wall.

To Hang:
  •    First, clean the mounting surface with a diluted mixture of Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol,
    wipe gently and let fully dry.
  •    Next, peel off the cover film on the back of each tab and press firmly onto wall for about
    30 seconds.
  •    Grab the panel from the bottom and peel off the surface. DO NOT pull straight toward
    you to remove. Firmly press all four strips into place for 30 seconds each.
  •    Finally, wait 1 hour to hang your Sculpted Wall Tile so the adhesive can fully set.

To Remove:
  •    Grab the panel from the bottom and peel off the surface.
  •    Next, lightly hold the top of the strip while you grab the tab and pull straight down along
    the wall. DO NOT pull the tab toward you.
  •    Continue stretching until the strip releases from the wall (about 12 inches).

IMPORTANT: Failure to follow instructions carefully may cause damage! DO NOT use with
wallpaper. May not adhere well to vinyl surfaces.